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It describes your responsibilities as a user ,visitor and limit our liability. is the largest and well-known website nationally and internationally. All Uttarakhand properties for sale or rent information provided via webpage, services, materials (photographs) and functions accessed through it is provided by SARGAM ESTATE and those who do free listing or paid listing after accepting are Policy and its terms & conditions.

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The wesite is exclusively for Uttarakhand Properties. Visitors of the webpage can access the information for uttarakhand property for searching, posting their Uttarakhand properties for Sale or Rent .

All the properties mentioned in the webpage is for giving you the information according to your suitability which you can search with the advance option given on the webpage.

We try to update with the current project going on in different areas of Uttarakhand. This has no relation with the truthfulness of the papers of the individual projects for that you had to contact with the owners of the property or the agents of that product mentioned.

Please check doesnít provide the legal knowledge of any project on the webpage related to official and legal papers of any individual or photographs. Those photographs shown on the web page is given by the owner with their permission.

Some projects we own , for that you can deal with our Marketing department directly.

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Professionals SARGAM ESTATE endeavours to ensure that all data collected is accurate and well maintained. All computer access is controlled by passwords and Professionals has a policy to deal with security of information to provide maximum protection of our member's personal details.

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Anyone who has provided personal information to may access this information and property detail corrections if necessary. We ensure that any amendments to information are actioned in a timely and efficient manner. In most cases, you will be asked to verify your identity prior to personal information being disclosed. This ensures that information is only provided to the correct person and that the privacy of others is not destabilized.

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Listing Uttarakhand properties are in two ways for you FREE or PAID listing. You can go either way. For Free listing as soon as the property is listed and activated on the website your personal information is flashed , You must check you account at least one day in a week so that you must not miss the buyers interest on your property.
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